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Hello & welcome!

I am Vlad and
this is my virtual place
which I call home.

Who am I?

What do I excel at?

But how can I help you?

What are my hobbies?

I will write some details bellow.

But not that many.

If you want to get in touch,

virtual or somewhere for a cup (coffee/tea),

just let me know.

A problem solver by definition, constant fighting own bounderies in order to achieve new limits. Unsettled when nothing is done to change status quo, one which is only maintained for its own sake.

Web enthusiast & brand development through good advertising evanghelist and purposeful advocate of doing what it takes to make things better.

A street photography aficionado, enjoying to travel, you can even find me, in a week's time, in the U.K., Italia, Deutschland & România.

I’m tweeting (actually, where I am most active in Social Media), taking photos, sharing them photos (soon to upload some of them!) and writing articles (very short ones, mostly send by email, but will publish them as well, one day) about economics, management & strategy, branding & CSR to name a few.

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